Monday, August 3, 2009

Better Late Than Never....

As it becomes increasingly obvious to me that indeed it's God's plan to continue on this journey of Eve Global Marketing, I am reminded of how it all started. Where it all really began for me. For reasons unknown, I feel compelled to share this story with those who might have an interest. The sampling of photos are just that...a sampling of something much, much bigger.

I am not proud to say a large portion of my life was spent ignoring God's nudging. Experiencing mission work was no different. I felt and even expressed on many occasions that mission work was for other people. It was outside my comfort zone and therefore for other people. If I'm really honest, it was for 'holy rollers'. I was a believer but certainly no holy roller.

In hindsight, and in true form, the Lord's plan was different from my own and His nudging relentless. For decades, I regret to say, I persisted in my own ways resolved I knew God's plan for my life. He was definitely my co-pilot. I piloted and in times of greatest sorrow or joy I referred to Him. Today I recognize it as having religion; not relationship. Knowing in my own mind, left no time to listen to God which in turn provided no revelation. I was too busy playing God to hear or feel God. So, as the nudging continued, so did my lame excuses begin to appear redundant even to me. I couldn't help but begin to settle on a 'condition'. I might consider going if someone I knew was going. Then, maybe. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Well, as those who know God know, He is indeed faithful in His pursuit of us and of course came up with that 'someone' for me. Out of nowhere while I was seriously pursuing God's will for my life (mine had failed miserably), my sister calls one day to say she and my nephew were seeking funds for a mission trip to go to Peru in a few months . Wow. That hit home! My nephew. Even my nephew was going. Don't you have to be older to go? Ummm... since they lived in another state this would undeniably be an incredible opportunity to spend quality time together. And, being the family person I am my wheels were turning desperately searching for reasons why I couldn't go. Fear. Now what? Considering the history of probing, even my hesitancy as a single parent leaving my high school son (with a father in town), a home, pets, all in 2 months seemed mere excuses for a ten day trip. But...wait. I couldn't practice the drama with the rest of them because I lived in another state. So I maybe I couldn't go after all.

Remember, He promises (Proverbs 2:6) to all those who earnestly seek Him (and I was by this point) that He will direct our path. And, so He did. be continued.....

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