Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thai Silk Scarves

These scarves are absolutely beautiful, and can be worn in any time of year! How would you wear them?
To see the awesome craftsmanship in more detail, click on the pictures!
Thai Loose-Weave Scarves come in 5 colors: pink, raspberry, celery,olive green, & plumThai Herringbone-Weave Scarves come in orange, celery green, and blue The silk scarves are hand-loomed in three villages along the northern part of Thailand, near the Khmer Rouge region of Cambodia. This area over the course of history was ruled by the Khmer, the Laos, the Burmese and the Thai Kingdom. Currently the villages are located in Thailand. The weaving traditions found in these villages originated from Khmer traditions, but the ancestry of the people in this area are primarily from Lao's even though they are all Thai citizens.
The dyes used in the process are either all natural vegetable or low impact synthetic dyes. The natural dyes are made from roots, flowers and bark. Some of the weavers test the natural dyes to see if they are ready for the yarn by tasting them. The villagers were happy to switch from regular synthetic dyes to low impact synthetic dyes when needed for certain colors, since they said the regular dyes would cause their eyes to burn...

Dimensions Herringbone--12" W x 79" L. Dimensions Loose-Weave: 15"W x 78" L Thailand
see below picture of the weaving process

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  1. these are gorgeous!!! i think it would be cute with jeans and a white t-shirt!